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i a bit confused with the title.. but that representing what i felt during a day..
it happened yesterday..
when we are doing as usual. behaving under the pressure that actually appears around our life. my family..
something that usually comes with us.. when we've been in a hardest moment..
we want to gave up.. but we realized that we are stronger at that moment..

maybe this is merely a thing that i always share to you all..
and you couldnt think what that things will be.. right?
just guessing with your thought, your perceptions.. whatever..

when i was down.. and no one help me out.. help me up to raise my soul..
i head up.. i feel jealous with people who live their life simply..
what about me? what about people around me? what about my family? why?? it isnt fair!!
and then i cried a loud.. in my heart i screamed.. but outside keep silently..

i wonder how if i've been in the ground.. poorly..
with nothing.. i only could see the sky.. clouds hang on together..
they live there with no fear.. they live peacefully with no jealous each other..
i wondering.. why couldnt my life as great as clouds life in the sky?
why must i always be a jealousy?
what the advantage?
human being.. yes.. so why?
"maybe that's very you, girl!" one cloud talked to me.
"huh? why?" i asked.
"think it by yourself! you are reflecting what you've been"



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