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Iam soo happy today.. or maybe it was yesterday lol..
i posted this one over midnite..

this is my first time to spend my time with a Junbait.. and just the two of us..
shall i say it as a date? lol.. but yeah it was a date haha..

and all i can say is... amazing!!
Miss Kania, my sesame junbait invited me to her home.. bcs she wasnt feeling well.. i mean to go outside house..
and i was okay with that..
i thought this is my first adventure..
it probably 58 kms far away from my house..
that's quite surprised me!!

i went to Bogor by myself.. it was only me.. ME!!
without someone.. and i felt like WOW i've spent my lonely time too far away from Jakarta lol..
i went by train. i enjoyed every single that i step by..
i loved to be alone..

i took some sky pictures.. and also my selfies lol..

bcs this is the first time i go to Bogor, i dont know the direction to go Miss Kania's place..
so i ordered an ojek online lol.. i mean grab..
with cheaper cost than common ojek bike.. argh so hard to say.. but whatever anyway..

it took almost 30 minutes by bike.. and finally i met her!!!
i was like fire.. tension and more..
we talked about many things..
we shared many things, we explored, we did baka.. and more..

i'll never forget the memories..
that she's a kind of person.. she just like my teacher.. bcs she actually a teacher hehe...
we both gone crazy.. and yet to be wilder than now haha..

that was today's..

what will gonna be happen on the next? i look forward to it!!

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