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Iam soo happy today.. or maybe it was yesterday lol..
i posted this one over midnite..

this is my first time to spend my time with a Junbait.. and just the two of us..
shall i say it as a date? lol.. but yeah it was a date haha..

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it's 11 days remaining before 2016 end..
and surely, i cant spend much time to enjoy the holiday..
bcs no holiday in my schedule.. iam college student, u know...
but i will really want to make a lil memory between me and arashi.. or something that i reached during a year..
i don't know what will be.. something shud be my spirit to go thru next year... nee?
i will find out the way to make it happen..
i will spend my plenty time in the mid of my final exam.. so gambare...

oohh.. i feel so happy to hear dat matsujun showed on MTV Asia.. omedetto mj!!

glad to see u've stayed cool... lol
i'm happy!!!

confused XD

Dec. 7th, 2016 06:59 pm
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i've spent my time to look at riida's pic. just focus on him. attracted by him. omg wtf he's very charming person!!! cant help that i started falling in love with him!!!! but, jun, haha just forgive me!! *bow*

isnt this aiba's month? but why i shared riida's pic? lol
idk what's on my mind.. i just... love the way he talk to others. he calmly has secrets. he knocked my heart with him laughing smiling in front of me..

aah~~~ sugoi nee..
i felt the poison flowing inside my body.. lol
i just said.. nee.. gomen.. jun..

but i still... love you.. haha *go crazy*

*credit on the pic*


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