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yup.. failed end year celebration..
i planned abt scrapbook before.. but iam not doing dat this of all..
any of nothing lol...
iam sick and damn!! i've lost my memories... :'(
but it's okay..
i'll start with a freshly 2017...
i hope everything gonna be better than before..


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aaa!!!!! i wanna scream at loud when i opened my fb acc and found many sakumoto hang on my tl.. i wanna cry too bcs sakumoto is a treasure for my self lol...
i feel like heaven now..
magz... oh god pls dont do dat to me huhu...
bcs i will kneel on my mum.. for sure..

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very heaven right?????
sakumoto shipper put your hands in the air bcs u will give up with those magz lol...
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i started with laugh.. why? because it really happened accidentally..
i dreamed arashi-san for mm... the 3rd? or 4th times? aahhh~~~ i forget it..
but last night dream has been my very memorable dream thru my life haha...

it because i watched arashi scene dome and training camp before i go to sleep..
in a half of part 2, i was sleepy lol..
i remember when they sang kitto daijoubu.. i felt so sleepy.. i cant hold my eyes to keep opened.. lol
so then i stopped it and close my laptop..
take prays and sleep well..
during my sleep, i've been in a room. not very bring, looked darker, yeah because it was night at that time..
i just like a cameraman there, when the five member arashi came into that room.

"welcome to my room" jun said. aahh~~ so this is his room? with white great wall haha.. shaped like fences.. as i saw many posters and phamplet hung on the wall. he's very west style of man. i saw the beatles, and one of bands vocal that i dont know who is he..
"we often came here, u know!" nino pouted.
"haha.. do as your own home, guys" jun added. then he went out the room and came back with bottles of beer..
they enjoyed their time there.. so i jumped to the next case..

suddenly theyhad dancing to each other, looked like they doing i seek pv for another times.. unfortunately i couldnt hear any songs there..
they pushed each other, they had pillow war lol.. like a children haha..
they've been dancing until morning called them to wake up soon..

then.. i dont know what they do after that because i woke up and i looked around, time showed 11am.. lol
i was oversleep..
but iam happy...
i recollecting my mind.. my memories so i can write here.. lol

if arashi-san ask me, are you happy? i will definitely answer, yeah.. i really happy (today) lol

confused XD

Dec. 7th, 2016 06:59 pm
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i've spent my time to look at riida's pic. just focus on him. attracted by him. omg wtf he's very charming person!!! cant help that i started falling in love with him!!!! but, jun, haha just forgive me!! *bow*

isnt this aiba's month? but why i shared riida's pic? lol
idk what's on my mind.. i just... love the way he talk to others. he calmly has secrets. he knocked my heart with him laughing smiling in front of me..

aah~~~ sugoi nee..
i felt the poison flowing inside my body.. lol
i just said.. nee.. gomen.. jun..

but i still... love you.. haha *go crazy*

*credit on the pic*
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a bit shocking me!!! what the hell they'd wore the green outfit which makes me laugh!!
no pls dont go with those rid things!!

*pic cr to The Storm x Rainbow x Ridiculousness on fb*

see for more arashi clover :

im waiting for the next "coming soon" lol
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so, today is 26th October???
Are You Happy? album has released? omedetto ojii-tachi-san hihi...

my first song that i heard is MILES AWAY~~~ instead of DON'T YOU GET IT as the main song of this album
i dont know i just like dejavu like i ever heard this song before deh yaa... but i dont know what is it lol..

for each solos..~~
i dont think that i love those all..
but the very attracted is SUNSHINE as Sho-kun solo song..
the song transformed my mood at that time.. but better to listen when u just woke up, i guess
i said to my friend that SUNSHINE match as backsound of News Zero lol..
it's probably nee...

i hope everyone enjoy the songs too...

aahh~~ i think the goods list has updated now...

heres the pic


Sep. 20th, 2016 09:56 pm
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kinda boring here!! but tired too..
i finally did my presentation about Indonesian History.. and those make me yatta~~~~ for a while hehe..

i just wanna share my lovely sakumoto <3
i did 'em one by one.. with clearly eyes, paid attention only just the two of them lol.. just call me crazy!!! it's hard to be a sakumoto's shipper.. but i've enjoyed it during my curious feeling behind of them.. lol

*sorry for bad eng and bad editing ._.V *

ARE U READY...?!!!


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